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PLEASE NOTE that this is not a website about Calista Flockhart! We're all very happy for our Hollywood cousin and we congratulate her on being the first Flockhart to achieve name recognition, but she has plenty of sites already. This one is for the rest of us.
under deconstruction Obviously, this site is pretty raw and unfinished right now. I don't even have a clear picture of what we will do with the site yet. What we do have is a collection of Flockhart Oriented Weblinks. I hope to add the long-overdue collection of Geneology/Family Tree information shortly. At a minimum, I hope to be able to provide email forwarding service (joe@flockhart.org) for anyone who requests it, but that's still a long-range thing.

If you have any additions for our links or genealogy pages or suggestions for something worthwile to do with this domain, please let me know.

Ian T. Flockhart

We are experimenting with a bulletin board for our site. If you want to try posting to it, click here. If you want to see what's already posted, click here.
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