Ian Flockhart's Personal Website

Hi, this isn't much of a website at the moment. Right now its just a disorganized collection of links to stuff I wanted to make available. The major things this site links to are my resume, the resources from a C Class I taught, and some of the materials from my excessively named Introduction to Bioinformatics Scripting and Programming class, there are also a few odd CGI toys I've thrown together along the way.

Course materials for RBIF0100: Introduction to Bioinformatics Scripting and Programming. Most materials for the course are, of course, kept on the course website on Brandeis's LATTE system. These are either CGI pages that I wanted to show working or reference pages that I put together offline and felt should persist past the end of the semester.

Over the years I've thrown together a few utilities and amusements (some of which I've used as class examples):

-- Ian T. Flockhart

Buffon's Needle

If you enjoyed my exciting Buffon's Needle presentation, the related Mathematica notebook is here. If you enjoyed the presentation so much you want a copy of the slides (or, more likely, you're me and the flash drive failed) they are here.